LUCIA, Give Pawan an Applause !!!

No Spoiler Et’al Alert


What’s in Oscars and other International awards that we are so fancied about? When we in India are busy bullying down movies be it any language, for all the hard work of years, months by the whole team and production house is shown the exit door easily by the numerous critics in electronic media and newspapers,


Also we still have the mindset of Who will watch other language movies (I don’t understand the language theory)

If the above was true why would so many festivals show and appreciate the Indie Talent and movies made by some geniuses in the country

If Oscar would also start discerning why other languages, then there would be no official other countries entry to these awards

Wish the talents who are experimenting with cinema now get their cards right and be able to show the cinema to audience spread across the country


LUCIA is one such attempt, when Pawan thought of the movie, many producers disapproved his vision and refused to fund and then he decided to go for Audience funding

Movie starts showing the names of producers and the distributors and you will have a smile seeing that on the screen

100s of name spread across the screen


Film references a poem from Kannada’s well known poet it means something on below lines (took the translation from net J)


Are you within illusion? or illusion is within you?

Are you into the body? Or is the body part of you?

Is space within the house? Or the house within space?

Or are both space and the house within the seeing eye?

Is the eye within the mind? Or the mind within the eye?

Or are both the eye and the mind within you?


I so want to bring down each point here but it will lead to spoilers and I do not want the stunning climax to be disclosed in my naïve post.


I will not keep the real names coz this movie is not about real life, “It’s all about Dreams How your small life can be someone’s BIG dream”


Nikki, A Torch Shiner à Ordinary life, dreams nothing big, happy and content with the Shankranna and Shwetha’s presence in his life

Nikki, A Super Star à huge fan following, and a magnum opus star

Shankranna à Guys take my money for this character, subtle and what acting in both his avatars

The Extortion gang à same characters in both real and dream life

Police gang à they are sure funny at times, well done

The Doctor à This guy reminds me of Makrand Deshpande in many scenes

Shwetha, Aspiring Star à and then turns out to be a star filled with void as Nikki says why do you want the curse of stardom

Shwetha, Girl who works for Papa John’s pizza franchisee à Hell bent on making Nikki learn English (Don’t miss those scenes specially Thetru J you will laugh out loud and the scene where Nikki takes the foreigner’s to village)

Nikki’s roommates and people who introduces him to LUCIA are all a part of film he is acting in other world à Nice job done fellas

Pawan Kumar, THE DIRECTOR à This guy is simply brilliant in his execution, never before such an attempt has been shown in Indian cinema, His direction makes you his fan for life.

Put all your money for this movie, just for this man, he will not disappoint you

àStunning Cinematography and Awesome Music



Nikki’s acting both in real life and dream world

Shwetha and Shankranna they are class apart in their respective roles


Black and White and Color scheme difference in the real and dream world and Climax clears the air for the color scheme used.

CLIMAX à Kept talking, thinking and appreciating the climax for the 2 hours spent in theatre and 20 hours that followed after the movie.



Just one à Dam the guy who was sitting next to me in the multiplex all drunk and was loud on call all the time, and screaming aloud to his friend over phone that he has come to watch movie Louis new movie Louis in theatre.. Educated illiterates, all the 3 were a pain glad 30 minutes before movie completion they left and gave me peace for the climax


PS: Wayfarer glasses that I use was used throughout by so many characters :P, (for people who know me and disapproved my glasses, see I always told this is the in thing and not nerdy )


Watch this movie and be happy for spending your 200 bucks for worth piece

This is nowhere a review of excellent movie LUCIA, it’s just my piece to encourage you to view a movie well-made and appreciate movies of any language,


It took me 18 years to return to theatre for a Kannada movie and thanks Pawan for keeping the faith alive !!!



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